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Eirian with a smile

cedargrove in teyla_michael

Crossing Lines - Completed

Title: Crossing Lines
Rating: NC-17 (adult readers) due to S.L.V
Spoilers: Some spoilers for S1-4. (Also Season 5: Whispers)
Summary: Sheppard and the others aboard the Daedalus relentlessly pursue those he feels responsible for the death of their lost companion. Meanwhile Michael, under threat from the Wraith has gone to ground in order to keep Teyla safe. Back on Atlantis, Beckett grows increasingly more worried for Keller, and prepares to take an utlimate, personal risk in order to save her.
Disclaimer: MGM own Stargate: Atlantis. This story is for entertainment purposes only and no revenue is being made from copyright material. No infrigement intended.

Acts 1 - 5 now available.

Author's Note: Look guys, the rating says it all, but I'll spell it out. This contains explicit scenes. Many thanks gospikey for hard work in Beta.

Previous Episodes:
Harm's Way (1), Chain of Command (2), Enmity (3), Mantle (4), In Truth... Freedom (5), Letting Go (6), Beyond the Third (7), Deliverance (8), No Way Back (9) and Apostasy (10) can be accessed here.